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Growing competition, economic changes, new brands, renew commercialisation, remodelling of schemes as well as the changing expectations of savvy consumers may often result in rapid changes in the value of shopping centres. In order to react to changing conditions as efficiently as possible, it is recommended to conduct regular valuations.

Additional analysis has been undertaken to explore how the methodologies perform at a more granular level, recognising that different parts of the industrial market may not always behave in the same way. This analysis has focused on the Industrial sector levels and a similar exercise has been run on the property subsectors, where relevant information dictates the market.

Valuer must understand distinctive terminology and analytical methods associated with office building valuation. Distinctive emphasis should be given to the intricacies of determining a value for properties with several tenants. Valuer should consider attributes of styles of office buildings, inspection concerns, and industry measurement standards.

The primary approach is direct comparison. Secondary method is capitalisation when the information and evidence required to undertake the approach is available. Consideration must be given to location of the course, design and siting of course, availability of water and water sources on a continual basis, quality and quantum of improvements, earning capacity of facilities, number of holes, quality of the actual course in terms of irrigation, physical attributes and ease of maintenance.