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Can we overcome the housing shortage with not only more, but better homes? we can and share the ways in which design is driving up the quality of new homes, creating places in which people can and want to live. The problem crosses generations and income groups, from the young seeking a foothold on the property ladder to the older generation seeking appropriate accommodation.

Strata lots are legal lots on a strata plan. For the purposes of valuation, each strata lot, together with its share of common property, facilities and other assessable assets, is separately assessed. All factors that may affect value, including the size of the unit, view, location, number of bedrooms, construction quality, floor level and number of parking spaces.

Walkup strata development is in between a townhouse and a high-rise complex. These mainly do not have lift access. Different localities have preferences for these units based on demographics. What component of the market prefer this life style need to be analysed with caution. Valuations need to examine market components.

Medium density housing. A lot of people travelling up the home ownership tree will start with an apartment and when they have a kid or two and need space they move into a house. Valuations of these take a different approach to high density appartments as there is a private backyard. However the attension to detail need to be on the limitations of the size.

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Federation Valuations

Terrace Houses continue to have high demand in major cities. The rows of picturesque, conjoined homes of stone, brick and stucco, with cast-iron detailing, that evoke an earlier time. Timeless Terraces have almost always held with affection. Some of the terraces falls in to heritage items and some in to heritage conservation areas. These are mainly constructed with full brick walls and metal roofs. These terraces provide a form of law medium density housing to major city centres. Attentive valuer's are capable of valuing.

House is an essential tool for living. Suburban housing provides ample accomodation with relevant construction in suburban subdivisions of the period it takes.  The essential features of these subdivisions are that they comply with planning requirements. Parks, schools, play grounds are in the environment and the community engagement is an essential part of living. Part of the valuation analysis take in to account all the amenities in the environment that facilitate suburban lifestyle of the demand.

The best of these old-style apartments can be found around Sydney. The charm of the Art Deco style lies in the architectural details such as high ceilings and ornate plasterwork, as well as the types of quality materials used. Characterised by simplicity, geometry and functionality, Art Deco apartments are also seen as being well-built and structurally sound having ‘passed the test of time’. One of the main factors need to be considered in these valuations are the maintenance factor.

While Federation homes came in many forms and guises, most common were the Queen Anne, Filigree, Arts & Crafts, and Bungalow. These houses are whimsical, theatrical and visually fussy. You’ll find elaborate gables, tall chimneys and picturesque towers, verandas with timber posts and ornamental brackets, balustrades, and valances, complicated terracotta-tiled roofs embellished along the apex and ridge and deep red and dark brown brickwork. Valuing these properties are tedious but an enjoyable task.