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Over insurance occurs when you pay an excess premium unnecessarily. This occurs when the agreed value of the insurance far exceeds any rebuilding costs. This does not mean the insurance will pay you the agreed value in case of an unfortunate event, as Insurance companies will only pay the invoices of the builders. Hence the excess premium, you paid is wasted. Under Insurance occurs when the agreed insurance is not enough to cover the restoration of the insured object. In case of a home building this can lead to the claimant to end up rebuilding a house smaller or with a lower quality than what the insured enjoyed prior to the incident. It is critical that the building is correctly insured to avoid any mishaps in case of an unfortunate event. Federation charms even the todays generation. Valuer need to take in to account the steep pitched terracotta roof, sash timber windows, turned veranda posts with fretwork and corner brackets, kiln dried hardwood door with lead light glazing, traditional solid blue and red bricks, conventionally styled, woodwork, ornate imperial lever door furniture, traditional claw foot bathtub, decorative ceiling roses, Victorian handmade feature cornice, handmade plaster arch designs and 9 foot ceilings.