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The mission of the ANZSEBP is to develop, disseminate and advocate for police to use scientific research and the evidence guide best practice in all aspects of policing. The SEBP is made up of police officers, police staff, and research professionals who aim to make evidence-based police practice part of everyday policing. ANZSEBP believe that all aspects of policing including police patrols, investigations, crime prevention, human resource management, and all other forms of service delivery should be evaluated using sound, scientific methods and used when the evaluation evidence shows that the police practice works to control or prevent crime and disorder or enhance quality of life.

Australian Paramedic is a journal delivered to all ambulance stations, Royal Flying Doctor Service and Care Flight offices, and selected universities across Australia. The mission is to support and improve patient care through the sharing of knowledge and information from across Australia, and at the same time aid paramedics through delivering current information from recognised leaders in emergency care. The aim of Australian Paramedic is to share knowledge and commentary from experts in the field. Australia's leading voice for paramedics to share news, knowledge and information.

VFFA which is the vehicle used to deliver vital information to all Fire Fighting Volunteers. It is distributed to all VFFA members, Fire Stations and Fire Authorities across NSW. The NSW Volunteer Fire Fighters Association (VFFA) is an independent  volunteer organisation representing  the views and issues that affect volunteer rural fire fighters in NSW. From its inception the VFFA has been about representing the interests of volunteers.