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Capital Gains
Capital Gain
You only need to pay tax during the period of rental for your investment property. Difference between what it cost you to acquire the asset and what you receive when you dispose of it is your capital gain. "more information"
Rental Valuations
Lease Agreement
The disputed rental is assessed by the valuer based on market evidence and provided to the client. Retail Leases Act provides some transperancy and mechanisms to resolve disputes. "more information"
Family Court
Don't get short change during the unfortunate event. Get a valuation to back up your claim.
Is your super fund performing well? Get the correct valuations to measure performances.
Stamp Duty
Save your money by having the correct valuation to back up your transfer fee obligations
Keep your books with the correct asset values and don't over pay the taxes.
Pre Sale
Back your claim and be stern with your negotiations. Have written information to back up your claims in a pressure situation.
Pre Purchase
Find out if the property you are purchasing is contaminated. Find the correct value and make an inform decision in purchasing your property.
Is your property currently insured for the correct replacement insurance? Are you over insured or under insured? Get an Insurance Valuation and obtain the correct insurance cover.
NSW Valuations Office Fees

Fees for Valuations are from $200 plus GST ($220 Inc GST)

Time Frame

Most Valuations are sent within 48 Hours

How to Order

Call us to discuss your valuation requirements

Quality Assurance

Quality is assured through audits before sent.

Valuation Intelligence

Valuation intelligence is the synergy of valuation big data, valuation data science, valuation forensics, valuation analysis, valuation compliance, valuation data visualisation and valuation dissemination.

Valuation Analytics

True valuation analytics comes from brains of these brilliant valuers that can learn on its own. Valuers have always excelled themselves on improving valuations in every spectrum.

Valuation Data Scientist

Valuer deal with structured and unstructured data and subsequently prepare and align the data using statistics, mathematics, programming, problem-solving, capturing in ingenious ways, looking at things differently and activity of cleansing.

Licensed Valuers
Once the valuer attains a certain level of competence, he will be given a licence to conduct valuations.
Registered Valuers
Statutory offices will register a valuer once the valuer comply with the relevant statutory requirements.
Certified Valuers
Certifications are given by industry bodies that recognise the valuer is capable of conducting valuations.
Specialised Valuers
These are valuers who conduct valuations of specialised properties. These valuers are certified subject to certain statutory requirements.
Qualified Valuers
Once the valuer completes an appropriate course the valuer is qualified to conduct valuations subject to relevant statutory requirements.
Accredited Valuers
When a valuer is accredited by a certain body the valuer can complete valuations for the that particular body that accredits the valuer.

Valuations Standards

The quality of land values for residential, rural, industrial and commercial properties have been tested against industry recognised valuation standards for quality and accuracy.

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Valuers Communication

The valuer will be directly discussing the valuation with you and inform you the process that you need to follow. You need to provide the valuer with all the available information during your conversation and then provide him the instructions to value the relevant property.